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5 Important Uses Of Cloth Management Software

In earlier days people used to store data in the form offices, registers etc, which includes entirely manual operations. Due to this, there were chances of mismanagement, misplacement, and corruption of data and it’s very hard to track the data. To avoid this, Cbigfish has introduced an automated system where manual operations are very less and modules are developed to store the data track it manages it and if necessary modify it.

Existing non-automated systems has some common issues

1} It is very difficult to maintain large database manually

2} Timely reporting is a difficult process

3} It is very difficult to track data of all the customers.

The web application which Cbigfish have designed makes the administration procedure easy. It is made sure that the application is simple and easy to use providing a very effective graphical user interface. The most important purpose of this system is to manage the huge data of cloth merchants, fabricators and to maintain the category is transaction details. We also focus on the current status of the organization by maintaining due records. This management system is specifically designed to satiate the need of cloth merchants, by saving time, money and efforts, and in return increasing the productivity & productivity.

We provide additional features like a calculator which helps us to calculate the numbers very quickly. Billing and report generation module gives all the transactions made by all the categories.


  • CMS (cloth management system) makes the task of maintaining records easier and provides accurate transaction details
  • Time consumption is less
  • Manual operations are very less
  • Search date wise or category wise
  • Single report overview the transaction details between specified dates

Cloth Management SoftwareThe 4 most important features of CMS:

Maintaining Garment Details

Maintaining Customer Details

Maintaining Supplier Details

Billing and Report Generation

Maintaining Garment Details:

This is an inevitable task that no cloth merchant can avoid or delay. Maintaining garment details enables the merchant to get the accurate information on the availability and location of a particular garment/brand. If a particular garment is not available then estimated time of arrival can be retrieved or updated in the system helpful for future reference.

Maintaining Customer Details:

Customers and suppliers have the same goal – to satisfy end user or t get complete satisfaction from product and services. The better quality services, the better customer long term position, because the customer gets what expects i.e., quality service and product.

Maintaining Customer Details feature of application helps in

1} maintain complete data.

2} avoid duplicate entry

3} maintain style sheet

4} use roles for security

Maintaining Supplier Details:

Very often merchant forgets to update the information regarding their vendors/suppliers. It’s important for a merchant to keep the records updated, in-house updating would help in increasing the sales and saving time, but keeping tracks of vendors would help in profit maximization without dissatisfying customers. Helps in retrieving the estimated time of arrival of a particular product which is on back order. Updated supplier details create a strong relation between merchant and supplier reduces the communication gap and increases fluency of business.

Billing and Report Generation:

Billing and accounting are integrated into the application. It provides online billing facility and accounting up to finalization this saves you the hassle of spending additional time, money and efforts to maintain separate accounting. The application is also compatible with a tally for accounting finalization.

Security feature:

It keeps the data secured and prevents misuse of information. The robust backend of CMS is designed for excellent speed and tamper-proof security. Your data remains safe and secure as no one can open it, view or modify data outside the program, which helps in preventing frauds in your store.


The application offers very flexible reporting. You can search, sort, export any report

It helps to get a clear understanding of the data shown in reports. General several reports from expiry, accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliation, profit and loss, balance sheet etc.





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