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Bakeries Run Smoother With Bakery Management Software Program


To prevail in the baking enterprise, you ought to preserve your operating costs low whilst growing the efficiency of your strategies, and also you want your ERP software that will help you do simply that. Bakery Software is the answer to your commercial enterprise software program demanding situations. Regardless of the dimensions of your bakery or the number of locations you have, you may use bakery management software to fulfill your processing, distribution, and accounting needs.

How will the bakery management software help you?

Lot traceability

Bakery Software gives you a head lot traceability from components to finished gadgets, further to backward lot traceability from finished objects again to ingredients and components from providers.

Manufacturer Chargebacks

With Bakery Software, you’ll result easily manage producer chargebacks for promotions, reductions, spoilage, turnover, advertising, and administrative prices.

Recipe Management

Stop thinking how the batch before final was made. Food software affords recipe and technique model control, together with processing commands that will help you stay on the pinnacle of your approaches.

bakeCbigfish’s bakery system program is a  great software that runs bakeries around the sector. Your hardest decisions can be which laptop, tablet or telephone you’re going to run the software on these days and in which you are going to work from.

Solutions for baking and food production

The electricity of a modular system is that it is able to grow together with your business. This bakery management system is simple to analyze and smooth to apply. The POS module is customizable to ensure you have got simply the proper level of safety in your bakery, which keeps your line transferring, your registers ringing, and your money right! Customer Orders and Custom Cake modules are integrated at once into the POS. No double entry or manual tallying. Just one interface to handle orders and sales.


Cbigfish’s  bendy Gift & Loyalty module continues your customers coming again. Cbigfish’s E-Commerce module makes you available for your clients 24/7. Don’t have an internet site? Our in-house staff will construct one for you. Barcoded order affirmation emails streamline order pickups and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Get Cbigfish’s simply powerful bakers software today for your bakery!

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